Member Privileges

VideoSift member privileges and invocations are broken down by star ranking. The higher a member's star level, the more administrative abilities available. Invocations cannot be used on yourself unless noted otherwise below.

Charter Member

  • Absolutely no ads
  • Personal Blog
  • Seven (7) concurrent submission slots in the unsifted queue
  • Two (2) Power Points per recharge period
  • Personal subdomain for your member profile, e.g.,
  • Personalized colorizing for your username and comment background
  • Customizable styling for your member profile
  • Random Personal Queue videos listed on your profile
  • Use a YouTube video for your avatar image in comments

Probationary Member

  • Limited to one video in the queue
  • May be banned for breaking VideoSift rules and guidelines
  • Self promote1,3 - use *promote (see Standard Member below) on a post of your own
  • *kill1 - permanently discard your own video
  • *beg2 - send one of your own personal queued videos to Beggar's Canyon

Standard Member

  • 5 videos allowed in the queue at one time
  • May be banned for breaking VideoSift rules and guidelines
  • Able to create Playlists
  • May cast upvotes on comments
  • Participation in the Sift Lounge chat room
  • *promote1,2,6 - float a post at the top of the corresponding listing; renew queue time for queued/discarded videos
  • *doublepromote3,6 - same as *promote but doubles the time the post is floated

Bronze Star Member (25 Stars)

  • All abilities of standard members
  • May submit Flash videos from any video source
  • Able to cast downvotes
  • May cast downvotes on comments
  • Immune from banning
  • Able to fix deadpool videos
  • Able to replace own video thumbnail images and other member video thumbnails
  • *dead - flag a published or pqueued video as no longer working
  • *notdead1 - reset a functional video accidentally flagged dead
  • *findthumb - update the thumbnail image for a video
  • *discuss - send a video to Sift Talk for discussion
  • *length=hh:mm:ss - specify the duration of other member videos (not for your own post)
  • *related=http://... - add a related post to a post

Silver Star Member (50 Stars)

  • All abilities of Bronze Star
  • Able to start community Polls in Sift Talk
  • *discard1 - remove a post submitted by a banned user
  • *return - return a *discussed post from Sift Talk
  • *nsfw - flag a post as being Not Suitable For Work
  • *blocked / *unblocked1 - flag a video as (not) having a region blocked embed
  • *brief - flag a video as being shorter than 1 minute
  • *long - flag a video as being longer than 10 minutes
  • *notbrief - remove *brief flag from a video
  • *notlong - remove *long flag from a video
  • *nochannel - remove a post from all channels (not for your own post)
  • *[channel subdomain] - add other member post to the specified channel (not for your own post)
  • *ban - nominate or second a post's submitter for banning
  • *quality2 - for videos, boost the post in the Hotness listing; for Sift Talk posts, award the submitter 1 Star Point; only once per post
  • Able to chat in Sift Lounge
  • *backup=[<embed...>]5 - Add alternate embed code to a video post

Gold Star Member (100 Stars)

  • All abilities of Silver Star
  • Able to include images in Sift Talk posts
  • Able to edit video tags of other members
  • May flag comments as spam
  • *frontpage4 - send a Sift Talk or Blog post to the front page
  • *dupeof=http://...1 - nominate a video as being a duplicate of another (not if the original post is your own)
  • *isdupe - second a dupeof nomination
  • *spammer - ban-hammer spammers and redact their comments

Ruby Member and Diamond Member (250 Stars), (500 Stars)

  • All abilities of Gold Star
  • May create, stylize, and run a video channel (
  • Able to hobble and insta-ban problem members
  • May replace a post's video with backup embed code
  • *sticky2 - keep a Sift Talk post at the top of the listing
  • *unsticky - remove a stickied Sift Talk post

Crown Member (1000 Stars)

  • All abilities of Ruby and Diamond Members
  • May use YouTube video for avatar

Galaxy Member ? (2000 Stars)

  • All abilities of Crown Members
  • Custom, artist-designed profile badge and username icon
  • Custom song written and performed by dag
  • One permanent extra queue slot
  • Lifetime complimentary Charter membership

1 may be performed by any member on their own post
2 requires 1 Power Point to use
3 requires 2 Power Points to use
4 requires 3 Power Points to use
5 only the one invocation and no other text may be in the comment
6 also available to veteran probationary members

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